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Register for Nov 8 HSK test now!

ACSGD is an official registered HSK test center in Michigan.

HSK Test Dates---November 8th, 2014, 12:30PM-3:00PM,
HSK Test Center---The American Chinese School of Greater Detroit (Address: 1300 Derby Road, Birmingham, MI 48009)
Registration Deadline---October 20th, 2014

How to register:
You can register for the HSK test at school office 115 or call 248-565-7463, 248-918-0675 for more details.

Coming Days

Event Start ChineseClass CultureClass Title
10/25/2014 TRUE TRUE "Normal"
11/01/2014 TRUE TRUE "Pinyin Test 拼音统考"
11/08/2014 TRUE FALSE "HSK test"
11/15/2014 TRUE TRUE "Normal"

Chinese Classes

Class ID Room Teacher
2014-01a 100 李薇
2014-01c 100 李薇
2014-01b 101 邵红
2014-01d 101 邵红
2014-00Ka 102 王旭蕾

Cultural Classes

Class ID Room Teacher
2014-sc02 100 李薇
2014-sc01 102 李红
2014-sc36 110 杨老师
2014-sc27 111 汪洁


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