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Submitted by acsgd on October 3, 2020

Dear Parents of ACSGD:

The following are some important tips about our school. Please check them out and we hope that they are helpful.

1. This Saturday (APR 10) ACSGD has Chinese classes as normal. We will keep in virtual classes in the whole spring semester of 2021. Please pay attention to the start link sent by each class teacher and log in to the zoom meeting room on time. If you have not received the link and other information, please contact our academic affairs department before the class: Chinese.acsgd@gmail.com.

2. As we all know, a series of murders occurred in Atlanta on March 16, among the victims, six were Asian American women. The news shocked all of us in Chinese School, we are deeply saddened by this string of violent crimes. In order to show ACSGD has a solemn stand on the recent hate crimes against Asians and the responsibility of a member of the Chinese community, our board of directors and school committee issued a condemnation against #AsianHateCrimes#. For the open letter, please refer to the WeChat group and email attachments for details.

Chinese School will remind our teachers to continue treating our students with fairness, care, and compassion. We also hope that parents can guide your children through this tragedy. We will continue to help our members and communities avoid being the target of violence and hate crimes. We are committed to build a strong community and engage in cultural exchanges and understanding. We are all together!

Meanwhile, we have compiled and recommended some self-defense safety education videos (links are from the Youtube). The specific links are as follows:

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=aQIR1pqd3k8&feature=youtu.be (Elementary School Edition)

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Wcp0Y9bWkGA&feature=youtu.be (Middle School and High School Edition)


3. Last month, the Nomination Committee of the Board of Trustees, by following the School’s Bylaws, reviewed the information packages about the candidates for two vacancies left by Mr. Xiao-Dong Guo and Mr. Yue Zheng, who took positions in the Administrative Committee of the School, and made recommendations to the Board. After a deliberation, the Board accepted the recommendation of the Nomination Committee and appointed Ms. Chunzi Huan and Mr. Xuefeng Zhang as the Board members whose term will be effective immediately and till 2022. Both Ms. Chunzi Huan and Mr. Xuefeng Zhang have been supportive to our School and served as parent volunteers over the years. With their enthusiasm and expertise, we believe they will contribute to our School even more in their new roles. Ms. Huan will be joining the Finance committee and Mr. Zhang the Curriculum committee of the Board. Welcome on board!

4. Regarding the The 4th Global Chinese Speaking Contest (Detroit Preliminary Competition), please pay close attention to the official WECHAT group of ACSGD. Please click on the registration link below, and the registration information (the link will also be sent in the official WeChat group of ACSGD)


For the students who participate in the competition and their parents, please note that the school registration here is for school to coordinate the registration and to assist students. For formal registration, payment and submission of materials, you still need to do it at the official website before April 25. To get more information and discuss competition related stuff, you can scan the QR code below to join the "Fourth Recitation Competition Group".

5. On April 24, ACSGD will hold a school-level annual speech contest. Some parents are consulting whether there are related speech contest tutoring classes to participate in. Therefore, the school wants to do a preliminary round of research. Those who are interested in participating in the school speech contest are invited. The students and parents of the relevant remedial classes please click on the link below to register their initial intentions. The school will see how to arrange further remedial classes for students in need based on the summary information:


6. The ACSGD will set up an online duty room during class time every Saturday. The principal, academic affairs department, and registration department team members will answer questions online through this zoom duty room. If you have any questions, please come directly to log in this online duty room for on-site communication and consultation.

Time: APR 3rd, 2021 09:15 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Meeting ID: 792 227 3100 Passcode: 12345

7. In order to ensure the normal teaching order and learning effect during the online course, ACSGD recommends that all students should be able to cooperate with the teacher's requirements and turn on the camera during the online course study time. This is more conducive to teacher-student interaction, and also allows teachers to supervise the children's learning status. But please note that if you are a new student of our school and have not yet signed the relevant agreement, please contact our academic department before the class (sent email to Chinese.acsgd@gmail.com and request the agreement works) and we need every student sign the relevant online course agreement before you log in to the on-line classes.

8. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our school committee members. You can find our contact information on the school website: https://www.acsgd.org, or you can ask questions in our official WeChat group.


ACSGD 2020-2021 school year